The Russian market of luxury cars after COVID-19: living well is not against the law


The new world creates a situation of uncertainty that encourages us to look for support, and experts to make forecasts. How will the automotive industry develop after a pandemic? What should market stakeholders do at least to survive, and ideally use the crisis as a growth point? How will the pandemic affect key trends emerging recently, and what will happen to the luxury segment? Lev Astafiev, CEO of Research View.

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ResearchView takes part in ResearchExpo Exhibition 20/21

The 5th Annual Exhibition Research EXPO 20/21 was held on May 21, 2021. It is the largest offline research event in the past 2 years. All leading companies in the industry, including ResearchView, took part in the exhibition and conference.

Russian Online Panels and "Rivers" Review

How Luxury Car Owners in Russia Perceive Luxury After the Pandemic

In early 2021, ResearchView commissioned by one of the leading automakers, conducted a benchmark study that examined the perceptions of luxury car buyers (Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini and others) about luxury in all its forms.