The Russian market of luxury cars after COVID-19: living well is not against the law


The new world creates a situation of uncertainty that encourages us to look for support, and experts to make forecasts. How will the automotive industry develop after a pandemic? What should market stakeholders do at least to survive, and ideally use the crisis as a growth point? How will the pandemic affect key trends emerging recently, and what will happen to the luxury segment? Lev Astafiev, CEO of Research View.

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Investment attractiveness of residential real estate in Russia and abroad among high-income audience

In late 2021, ResearchView conducted qualitative study of high-income audience’s changing habits and attitudes to real estate investments in Russia and other countries in times of COVID-19.

ResearchView takes part in OIROM Congress 2021

ResearchView takes part in ResearchExpo Exhibition 20/21

The 5th Annual Exhibition Research EXPO 20/21 was held on May 21, 2021. It is the largest offline research event in the past 2 years. All leading companies in the industry, including ResearchView, took part in the exhibition and conference.