Profiling is a method of analyzing a person's behavior and character, which helps to understand their motives, goals, interests and preferences.

Profiling in marketing is the process of collecting and analyzing data about potential and existing customers to create a profile that can help determine their preferences, interests and behavior. This information allows marketers and sales managers to more accurately "sharpen" their tools to the target audience and communicate more effectively with it.

Profiling methods may vary depending on the specific objective. One of the most common methods is to observe a person during an interview for a long time, which allows to identify the main characteristics of a person's personality.

The interview is conducted by a professional moderator. The interview is observed by a separate profiler specialist who has the appropriate basic education (psychological), specialization in profiling, as well as extensive and successful work experience in this area.

For data processing and analysis, the profiler develops a methodology that will be used to identify and describe customer psychotypes, for example: basic psychotype, trend, metaprogram and representative systems (leading and additional).

Profiling in marketing helps to understand the needs and preferences of customers, which allows to develop particular personalized strategies for each segment of customers, as well as more effective targeted marketing strategies in general.

Profiling in sales allows to adapt the style and format of communication, as well as the approach of the sales consultant, depending on the psychotype of the customer, which increases the chances of successful purchase. Profiling also helps to more accurately identify the emotional and rational needs of the customers and offer them the most suitable goods or services in the "right wrapper".

Therefore, psychological profiling is a powerful personality analysis tool that can be effectively used in business (marketing and sales) to improve the effectiveness of communication with the customers and increase sales.

ResearchView has developed its own research methodology based on profiling, which helps the largest manufacturers of goods and services to maintain their leadership in the market.

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    Bristol-Myers Squibb LLC expresses its gratitude to the ResearchView team for their high professionalism in carrying out projects within the framework of drug dossier registration under the EAEU procedure.
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