“Research is a basic level of business hygiene, just like brushing teeth”


Lev Astafiev, CEO of ResearchView, has spoken to the TBDteam agency and explained why businesses need market research and how they should choose a contractor who will not let you down.

TBDteam: Lev, let's start with the most pressing matter. What has changed for you, as a researcher, because of the crisis? How are your customers reacting to the current economic situation?

Lev Astafiev: Research is essencial for making business decisions in situations where managers do not have enough information: whether to enter the market, whether to launch a product. The crisis does not change the general aim of research. But we definitely see some changes in the requests from clients in response to the situation that has developed in the spring.

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Analysis of the betting market: features, key players and trends
Analysis of the betting market: features, key players and trends

ResearchView has analyzed research data and the situation in the betting market in order to identify the leading trends in this area in 2022.

Company Results 2021
Company Results 2021
Investment attractiveness of residential real estate in Russia and abroad among high-income audience

In late 2021, ResearchView conducted qualitative study of high-income audience’s changing habits and attitudes to real estate investments in Russia and other countries in times of COVID-19.